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Welcome to Diva Lighting...

Welcome to our online product catalogue. Within the site you will find many new products and of course a few old favourites that have formed the core of our range for many years now. We hope you find this site easy to use, and full of products you want to specify and buy. Above all we hope you find it relevant and informative.

Diva Lighting

Service Charter...

We have the very highest of standards. It is a well-known saying that talk is cheap, so unlike most of our competitors who are very good at the talk and not so good at performing, we are prepared to spell out our offer of service so that it's there in black and white. We are not perfect and so not pretend to be so from time to time we do slip up. However these are our working principles, we strive to achieve them every time.


Contact Us...

Telephone: 01403 823 888
Facsimile: 01403 823 636

Who are we

diVa lighting ltd was conceived in 1997 and operates from its home not far from Horsham in West Sussex. We are a lighting manufacturing business, providing product for commercial, industrial and retail markets, dealing with and through trade channels.

Our overriding priority is to give a first class service to Architects, Consultants, Designers, Contractors and Corporate Users in every single aspect of our business. We have a ‘can do’ philosophy.

Our Mission

Much of our focus throughout the business is aimed at the achievement of service levels; hence the introduction of the company’s Service Charter. This is a statement confirming our intentions regarding the following key areas, quotations, deliveries, product quality, lighting schemes, rectification, samples and prices.


As a direct result of our passionate belief in our strategic direction, our greatest pride is the very high level of repeat business we receive from existing customers, proving that they really do indeed value our exceptional service levels.

We can also assist our customers in the preparation of lighting designs to the latest industry standards and in the provision of bespoke products to suit unique applications.


Hugh change has enveloped the lighting industry in recent years particularly with the advent of LEDs. DiVa lighting has embraced these changes wholeheartedly and has introduced many new LED products into the range. Equally many products with traditional light sources still have great appeal, hence the wide selection of these products which remain in the portfolio.


We are often asked whether our products or lighting schemes comply with BREEAM and Building Regulations Part L requirements. As such we felt it appropriate to offer some bullet point style detail on the subject to assist our customers in the better understanding of these issues and more importantly when and how to apply them.