Source: Lux Review (—osram-chief)

THE ADOPTION of internet-connected lighting will begin in earnest this year, the chief of Osram Digital Systems has predicted.

‘It’s quite exciting because we see now for the first time that it is really kicking off,’  CEO Wilhelm Nehring told Lux. ‘There’s been a lot of talk in the industry recent years but now it’s actually right here’.

The company sees a potential market for IoT solutions in the industrial and office sectors of 100 billion euros alone. ‘That’s why it’s so crucial for us really to tap into that and to be the key technology provider’.

Osram has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years. The traditional ‘legacy’ lamp business was sold off and is now fully owned by China’s largest lighting company, MLS. The sale of the Siteco luminaires business has now been announced leaving Osram as a purely technology company.

Osram Digital Systems, which focuses purely on software-based systems and digital light management systems (‘because we see enormous opportunity’) is complemented by a US business and a specialist service division.

‘We also see that not only is the business changing but the value chain is changing too and that’s why it’s so important to focus on the technology because we see…the lighting infrastructure becoming a key enabler for IoT solutions’.

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