A little bit about us…

diVa lighting ltd was incorporated in 1997 and has been manufacturing lighting products for commercial, industrial and retail projects ever since from its base in West Sussex. Dealing only with the trade we assist on a project by project basis, offering help where required from concept through to completion.

Now that LED products totally dominate the lighting landscape, manufacturers are beginning to push the boundaries in terms of product design, circular more decorative shapes are far more evident in most offerings, ours included.

Finally and with a degree of regret we have removed our old trusty T5 and CFL fittings from the website and catalogue, this is not to say they aren’t any longer available, rather a statement that we will no longer promote them in the same way we used to.

Whilst some products have become rather similar or generic, LED has added a new dimension to the designers ‘palette’ offering far greater scope and opportunity, particularly with the use of colour and lighting controls. Added to this the light sources will now nearly always last in excess of 50000 hours and burn a fraction of the energy of their old fluorescent or discharge counterparts!

At diVa lighting we understand the sometimes complex relationship between the driver, the light source and ever increasingly the control system, something that used to be reasonably straightforward is now a lot more involved and needs to be viewed as a package with all the elements working harmoniously together.

In terms of new products please feel free to delve deeper into the website to explore the full product ranges, most of which would have previously existed only in the imagination of the designer. Moreover it is possible to ‘create’ products now with exact, precise, measured lumen outputs and light distributions. Virtually anything is now possible and spaces can be designed with so much more flair, imagination and creativity than ever before.

We work with lighting projects of any size all around the world, our experienced team of project engineers usually working with clients on several key projects at any one time. Their help varies from assistance with budgetary or product issues to full design technique aided with industry recognised software packages.

diVa lighting products have been supplied on a huge variety of projects around the world including schools, offices, factories, student accommodation, car parks, care homes and residential housing and whilst no project is ever rejected on size we have recently completed a £450,000.00 refurbishment project in London.

We hope this website provides you with the information you need in order to be able to bring the ideal solution to your customer. For any queries or hesitations you may have, feel free to give the sales office a call.