For the discerning specifier, conscious of lighting wall wash technique and knowledgeable about the architects desire for seamless ceilings with ‘plaster in’ downlights, CLIO could well provide the answer. With an 85mm bezel CLIO is an attractive yet surprisingly punchy (up to 1200lm output) and unobtrusive downlight, a delight for the designer to have in their palette. Fitted with an integral IP44 lens, a black deep baffle insert and a precision moulded medium beam reflector, CLIO has all the ingredients of a first choice minimal glare downlight. A plaster-in bezel offers a ‘trimless’ installation.


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Due to the amount of different variations possible (size, lumen output, colour temperature, efficiency, control gear type etc), it is not possible to have photometric files for all permutations available for download on the website. Should you require additional photometric files for use within DIALux or other lighting design software packages, please contact the diVa sales office.