VENUS HALO 2 LED embraces the very best features of VENUS HALO and VENUS HALO LED and integrates them seamlessly into a product that encompasses all the attributes that are commonly anticipated in a ceiling / wall mounted bulkhead range. Improved appearance, style, size, IP rating, cost, efficiency and optional accessories make this range an all encompassing product. In addition the LED boards and drivers are all from top European manufacturers. Four different twist and lock trim colours, including vacuum metallized chrome and brass options, house the diffuser which is available with anti tamper screws. IP65 protection, microwave sensors, corridor function or separately switched nightlight features by no means complete the energy saving options the VH2LED offers.


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Due to the amount of different variations possible (size, lumen output, colour temperature, efficiency, control gear type etc), it is not possible to have photometric files for all permutations available for download on the website. Should you require additional photometric files for use within DIALux or other lighting design software packages, please contact the diVa sales office.